First Steroid Cycle: Top 3 Products You Must Consider

Are you planning to start your first steroid cycle and looking for some effective steroids to add to it?  Don’t fret; we are here to provide complete assistance to help you achieve your fitness or bodybuilding goals.  However, first, you must understand the term steroid cycle and what anabolic steroids are.

What are Anabolic Steroids?

Anabolic steroids are synthetic compounds derived from natural hormones by international pharmaceutical companies.  They help to effectively achieve bodybuilding goals because of their multiple properties and unique active ingredients.  Therefore, they are widely used by professional athletes and bodybuilders to enhance performance and increase endurance.

Steroids are found in various types to facilitate all kinds of users.  Steroids provide unlimited benefits, from increasing muscle mass to cutting excessive body fat and enhancing stamina to fast recovery from muscle injuries.  However, selecting the correct type of steroids is crucial to achieving the desired output.

What is a Steroid Cycle?

The consumption of a limited dose of anabolic steroids during a specific time frame is known as the steroid cycle.  It depends on the steroid half-life and body needs of the users.  Therefore, each steroid has a different process and effects on the human body.

Most steroids have 4-6 or 8-week cycles.  However, some steroids can also be used for 12 weeks or more.  Prolonged use of steroids or consumption in large quantities can damage your physical and mental health.  Therefore, always use steroids according to your trainer’s instructions.

After each steroid cycle post-cycle therapy is highly recommended after each steroid cycle to avoid the after-effects of stopping steroids.  It helps the body to neutralize the effects of steroids and restore natural hormonal balance.

Top Anabolic Steroids You Must Consider

The selection of products for your first steroid cycle mainly depends on three factors, your bodybuilding goals, immunity, and weight.  However, the effectiveness, potential and health risks linked to a particular steroid also help you to make a better choice.

You can explore some top-rated anabolic steroids used by professional athletes and all aspects here.


Testosterone is one of the best performance-enhancing steroids widely used by professionals to gain muscles and increase overall energy.  It is manufactured by international pharmaceutical companies like Valkyrie Pharma and is found in injection form.  Therefore, it carries minimum health risks as compared to other anabolic steroids.


  • It speeds up the process of protein synthesis and adds to muscle mass.
  • It restricts androgenic activities and helps users to improve sexual health.
  • It increases mineral retention, which boosts immunity and strengthens the bones.
  • It fastens the fat-burning process and leans body mass.
  • After using this effective steroid, professional bodybuilders also significantly increase their stamina and performance.
  • It also has wide applications in the medical field.

Dosage and Cycle

Depending on the half-life, its cycle lasts for 4-6 weeks.  However, professionals and higher-level users can extend its use to 8 weeks.

Usually, it is recommended to take 500 mg per week but consuming only 300 mg per week at the beginner’s level is also enough to gain desired results.

Side Effects

  • Some users complain about stomach discomfort, headache, and nausea after taking Testosterone.
  • It also causes acne and promotes oily skin.


Dianabol is your best choice if you are looking for an easy-to-intake and potent product for your bulking cycle.  Using it even in small quantities can provide you with exceptional results.  It is available in tablet form and manufactured by credible pharmacies such as Para Pharma and Valkyrie Pharma.

Stacking with other steroids can significantly increase Dianabol’s benefits and effectiveness.


  • It is mainly used to enhance muscle growth and achieve a perfect beach physique.
  • Using Dianabol also speeds up the breaking of fatty tissues.
  • It significantly adds to bone density by increasing nitrogen retention.
  • It enhances libido.
  • It enhances endurance and helps users to perform intense workouts.

Dosage and Cycle

The Dianabol cycle lasts for 6-8 weeks, and it is recommended to use a low dose at the start.  You can use 20-30 mg per day at the beginner level and then extend to 40 mg daily.

Side Effects

  • After taking your daily dose, you can experience elevated heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Acne, oily skin, hair fall, and male pattern baldness are also significant drawbacks.
  • It can also cause hepatotoxicity when used continuously.


Anavar is also among the best anabolic steroids for beginners and professionals.  It is equally effective for males and females, but Anavar’s benefits for women are more potent than any other steroid.


  • It’s one of the best steroids to add to muscle growth.
  • It increases nitrogen retention, which is crucial for protein synthesis and bone density.
  • It helps in reducing body fat.
  • It enhances endurance
  • Used massively in the medical field, and helps in fast recovery of muscle injuries.
  • Reduce water retention.

Dosage and Cycle

Its cycle lasts for 12 weeks because it affects slowly.  Like other steroids, it also has different doses for men and women.  At the beginner’s level, male users can take 20 mg daily; only 10 mg daily is enough for women.

Side Effects

  • It promotes hair fall and facial hair growth
  • It causes acne
  • Increasing risk of liver damage.

Where To Get These Steroids?

All these steroids are readily available in almost all physical and online stores because professional athletes massively use them.  However, online stores are more reliable for getting legit steroids because they charge affordable rates and provide accurate doorstep delivery.

Always select a credible platform like SteroidsFAX, one of the top-ranked and best online steroid stores.  It will help you to get genuine products at relatively low rates.  Their discreet shipping and fast delivery will help you avoid fines for buying steroids illegally.


Almost all types of anabolic steroids are quite effective for bodybuilding and fitness, but the ones above are unbeatable.  Their multiple benefits and unique properties make them the number one choice of professional athletes.  The best thing is that they carry minimum health risks and have wide medical applications.  Therefore, they are worth considering adding to your first steroid cycle.

Consult your fitness trainer before selecting any steroid, and always buy the best quality products from a credible store like SteroidsFAX to avoid unnecessary trouble and side effects.

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