What are White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

White shaker-style cabinets get their name from Shaker, also called the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing. Even though only one Shaker community exists today, the furniture they created made an impact. The driving factors of these cabinets are their simplistic look. According to Shakers, simplicity makes pieces of furniture stand out and be honest.

Nevertheless, architects, designers, and homeowners highly appreciate shaker-style cabinets. White shaker kitchen cabinets are particularly desirable for many people who like investing in interior design.

The first thing that will come to your mind when you look at white shaker cabinets is clean lines. But the next thing is flexibility. White shaker-design cabinets are charming due to their uninvolved charm.

A Brief Introduction to White Shaker Cabinets

They are popular for their boxy and rectangular look. Picture a wooden slab in a rectangular shape. Inside it, there is another rectangle, but it is a little smaller in size. So, it looks like a frame with four corners with an inset panel. The curves on these white shaker cabinets are gentle, and usually, the lines are straight. Its panel-and-frame structure is called the rail-and-stile construction. In this, the rail is the width-side overlay of the inset, and the design is the length-side overlay. Thus, wholesale kitchen cabinets in shaker design will have five pieces- two stiles, the panel, and two rails.

Often, shaker and mission cabinets are terms that are used interchangeably. But they are not identical. Shaker cabinets were introduced in 1774, while mission cabinets originated in the 19th century.

What are the Benefits of Installing Shaker Style Cabinets?

They are flexible and one of the most cherished designs by homeowners. With these cabinets, you can achieve a cleaner look in your kitchen. Usually, homeowners prefer a less cluttered and cleaner look for their kitchens. Installing a shaker-style discount kitchen cabinet set for the kitchen makes it possible to achieve that look.

If you have to renovate your kitchen, you will have one less thing to worry about. Since they have a timeless look, they do not feel outdated. With a simple change in the color, you can give it a modern touch. The design of the Shaker can be repeated. If you want to use them in your kitchen, having all drawers in the same design will give a more consistent and cleaner look.

Apart from these perks, shaker cabinets are also an affordable choice. If you compare them to other cabinets, you will find they are cheaper. They are available at a lower price since they are easy to construct. As they are various ways to reflect the character of these cabinets in the way you are adorning them, you can customize them as per your preference and leave them as is. No matter what you are doing, shaker cabinets will still be functional.

Type of Shaker Cabinet Kitchen Styles

Over time, the requirement to adapt and modernize shaker cabinets for various uses in a home has resulted in the approaches given below.

  1. Transitional- The designs combine a modern feel with the traditional look of shaker cabinets. For this, homeowners and designers have to combine light and dark tones. These cabinets can give the space an authentic look with natural textures.
  2. Traditional- The traditional look is self-explanatory. This style aims to stick to the original aesthetics of shaker cabinets. Hence, they can be immediately recognizable. The cabinets are going to have beveled edges and a lighter wooden finish.
  3. Modern- They have a polished look. Often, people lean towards this style when choosing shaker cabinets. The concept is to add flooring and a countertop while keeping the kitchen cabinets in a minimalistic presentation.

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